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Allergies have several forms. Many individuals in Novi suffer from sneezing and sniffling because of seasonal allergies, whereas a few experience swelling or skin rashes from food allergies. If you want to diagnose and treat your allergies appropriately and search for expert allergists near Novi, The Allergy Suite can help you. If you are suffering from allergic reactions, contact our allergists to decide what exactly is causing it.

Our allergists specialize in diagnosing and treating different allergies, asthma, and other immune system diseases. If anything leads you to get an allergic reaction, it possibly affects your immune system. Our allergists are trained and can test your body to discover what elements are creating an allergic reaction.

Why You Need to Visit Our Allergists

If you have chronic asthma or seasonal allergies and have not received adequate treatment, you need to see our allergists and get specialized treatment. The allergists in The Allergy Suite can help you determine whether an allergic reaction is causing the symptoms you are having.

A few individuals in Novi encounter reactionary asthma symptoms, in which the muscle spasms block the airflow to the lungs, or the airflow becomes inflamed. The reaction can be harmful, and you should get immediate treatment. Other allergies may impact the sinuses and nose, digestive system and stomach, or lead to inflammation and skin reaction. Here are some symptoms that may signify allergies:

·         Hives

·         Eye irritation

·         Wheezing

·         Nasal issues like sneezing, runny nose, congestion, etc.

·         Chronic or dry coughing

·         Skin inflammation like blisters, itching, rashes, swelling, etc.

·         Different allergies cause anaphylaxis.

People with chronic allergies must carry an epi-pen or epinephrine injection to treat anaphylaxis. If you have a strange allergy, our allergists can use this injection to treat it. Following a critical allergic reaction, you should see our allergists in Novi in no time.

Many substances can stimulate allergic reactions. Here are some common ones:

·         Insect bites

·         Plant pollens

·         Pet dander

·         Mold

·         Bird feathers

·         Cockroaches

·         Different food items and spices

·         Dust

How Our Allergists Help

If you call our allergists, they will ask you some questions regarding your medical history and perform a physical test to check your health and any allergic reactions. Then, they will perform particular breathing and allergy tests to know what substances cause unfavorable reactions.

The results of these examinations will cause a personalized treatment strategy depending on your requirements. The end objective of our allergists is to help you abstain from or reduce triggers and prescribe medicines that can treat your symptoms.

Do You Want to Treat Your Allergies in Novi?

If you are experiencing seasonal allergies or an asthma patient all over the year, it is high time to contact suitable allergists near Novi. It is crucial to find the right allergist who can help you reduce all the signs or symptoms you may have. Visit The Allergy Suite today to book an appointment with one of our expert immunologists or allergists.