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When human bodies get an immune response to specific foods, it causes food allergies. Basic food allergies include peanut, egg, and milk allergies. The best food allergy treatment is to refrain from triggering foods. If you have extreme allergic reactions like throat swelling, wheezing, or skin rashes, you can contact us at The Allergy Suite for a food allergy emergency treatment in Novi, MI.

Commonly Experienced Food Allergy Symptoms

Generally, people experience food allergy symptoms within two hours of having food. The symptoms can be moderate or severe. You may have these food allergy symptoms:

·         Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting

·         Skin rash or hives

·     Loss of consciousness or light-headedness

·         Trouble breathing, wheezing, or cough

·         Swelling of eyelids or lips

·         Trouble swallowing, hoarse voice

·         Tongue and throat swelling, itching mouth

Is There Any Life-Risking Food Allergy Symptom?

Anaphylaxis is the most extreme allergic response to a food. It’s a quickly growing reaction that gives your body a shock. It can make it impossible or challenging to breathe. Without proper treatment, this symptom can be fatal.

Tests Used to Diagnose Food Allergies

If you suspect you have allergic reactions, we can perform a skin test to confirm it. During this test, our allergists:

·         Make minor scratches or pricks through the allergens

·         Applies a tiny amount of various kinds of allergens to your skin

·         Monitors your allergic reactions after tests

Your skin areas that become itchy and red signify an allergy. Our allergists use this info to decide what creates an allergic reaction in your body.

Our allergists may also utilize a blood test. It checks the allergic antibody’s levels to various allergens in the blood. Increased levels of particular antibodies can signify an allergy.

How to Avoid Food Allergy Triggers

To refrain from food allergies, you should cautiously check the ingredients on the labels of the food items. Food manufacturers should mention clearly on the label if the product consists of any food allergen. A few brands show precautions like “made on shared equipment” or “may contain.” You can consult our specialists if you have queries about any food product.

How We Treat Food Allergy in Novi, Michigan

Once you know what foods to avoid for preventing allergic reactions, you must reduce them from your diet. You can have emergency medicines incorporating epinephrine auto-injectors in case of accidental reaction and ingestion. You should always consult our allergy specialist in Novi while seeking emergency medical care. Epinephrine is life-saving emergency medicine. Our allergists may recommend it to start reversing symptoms of anaphylaxis instantly.

Trust Our Allergists to Treat Food Allergies in Novi

Living a healthy life with a food allergy is possible. You must avoid all ingredients and foods that lead to allergic reactions. At The Allergy Suite, our allergy specialists take our patients’ medical conditions seriously. We have a strong establishment in the healthcare industry. So, if you seek food allergy emergency treatment in Novi, MI, we can help you get rid of allergies and live your life normally again.