If exposed to pet dander or saliva, people who get allergic reactions from pets like cats and dogs may experience watery eyes, hives, or rashes. The allergists of The Allergy Suite make sure to diagnose your allergic reactions to pets and recommend the best treatment to cure them. If you are allergic to pets and searching for an effective way to reduce pet allergies, feel free to contact us for a pet allergy rash treatment in Novi, MI.

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Are You Allergic to Pets?

If you are allergic to pets, avoiding exposure to them is the most effective way of reducing allergies. If you have sensitive skin and get severe allergic reactions after exposure to pets, you may grow different symptoms, including:

·         Coughing, wheezing

·         Nasal congestion

·         Skin rashes or hives

·         Sneezing and a runny nose

·         Watery, red, itchy eyes

·         Trouble breathing and tightness in the chest

Pet Allergy Management

To deal with the effect of pet allergies, follow these lifestyle strategies:

·         Refrain from touching face or eyes after coming in contact with pets.

·         Abstain from close contact with pets like kissing or hugging them.

·         Wash your hands correctly using soap after contact with pets.

·         Clean your house daily, wash the bedding weekly to keep everything tidy in the place.

·         Utilize a vacuum cleaner that can trap airborne allergens.

·         Clean your home more frequently during the winter season.

·         Restrict your pets from playing in particular spaces or rooms.

·         Bath your pets every 1-2 weeks.

·         Clean and brush your pets outdoors.

·         Wear gloves and a mask during cleaning spaces with pets

·         Keep pets out of your bedroom.

If you get allergic reactions quickly, make sure to do an allergy test before bringing a pet into your house.

Pet Allergy Treatments

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs can help fix or eliminate the symptoms for people who get allergic reactions from pets. Medical treatments for pet allergies are:

1. Nasal Corticosteroids & Nasal Decongestants

These medicines can change the inflammation occurred by immune reactions and alleviate nasal congestion. You may now get some nasal corticosteroids without prescriptions.

2. Antihistamines

Antihistamines obstruct histamine that causes local immune reactions and allergy symptoms.

3. Allergy Shots or Immunotherapy

Allergy shots or immunotherapy is the most effective treatment to treat chronic allergic reactions. The therapy involves injecting allergens into an individual in slowly increasing shots. These shots help you form endurance to allergens. Generally, it takes many sessions, or we can say many months, to finish immunotherapy.

4. Other Treatments

Some people with pet allergies also experience asthma, and exposure to pets can make their asthmatic symptoms worse. In such conditions, doctors may prescribe inhalable bronchodilators or corticosteroids to keep their airways open. Avoiding pets or places where there are many pets is the best way to get rid of pet allergies. If you are still looking for a pet allergy rash treatment in Novi, MI, contact the allergists of The Allergy Suite in no time.