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Want to write for us contributing high-quality articles to our community? We are now accepting Guest Post Article submissions. If you are an expert in the Allergy/Immunology Industry  and want to provide valuable information, educate or pass your knowledge to our audience, you can send your tips, how-to articles, case studies, full reviews, trends, or analyses for our consideration.

Allergy/Immunology Industry Guest Post Article Submission Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to submit a guest post to us:

  • Here are the guidelines to submit a guest post to us:
  • Content must be unique and plagiarism free.
  • Please ensure that the content must be exclusive to our blog (i.e. Not published on any other website). We reserve the right to remove or change content that has been duplicated elsewhere.
  • Content must be valuable and relevant to readers.
  • Your article should revolve and be related to our Industry , failing to do so your article would be rejected immediately.
  • Content must be well-written and free of spelling or grammar errors. Submissions that require excessive editing will not be accepted.
  • Write for the web. Use bullets, lists, and short paragraphs – this makes online content much easier to read. Make it interesting to read!
  • The Article should be written after the in-depth research. (Minimum length of 2000 words).
  • We reserve the right to insert Internal links to other related pages on our website.
  • We also allow external links (Do-follow) to high Authority relevant websites only.
  • The Author of the article will be given lifetime recognition in the form of a short bio and a no-follow link back to their website/social profile. This will allow readers to get in touch with the author. So, please include a short author bio (2 to 4 sentences) for us to include it at the bottom of the blog article. 
  • We encourage copyright-free images to be published with the article. However, at certain places when you have to express your point with a non-free image, then you can mention a credit for that image as a caption.
  • Please avoid Passive Voice while creating your valuable content.
  • You can also submit an infographic along with your article.


  • Submissions that do not follow the above listed guidelines will not be accepted.
  • Once the article is published on our website, it becomes the property of The Allergy Suite.

How to submit a guest blog post?

You can reach us at info@allergysuite.com to discuss the topic and keywords for the article.