When to See an Immunologist in Novi, Michigan?

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 When to See an Immunologist in Novi, Michigan?

An immunologist treats medical problems caused by immune system disorders. Also known as allergists, immunologists are specialists who diagnose, treat, and try to prevent such immune system problems. You may need to visit an immunologist in Novi, Michigan, if you have seasonal or food allergies, an autoimmune disease, eczema, or hay fever.

If your immune system is not working properly, your body will not have sufficient defenses against infection. This can increase the risk of developing autoimmune diseases or cancer.

When Should I See a Novi, Michigan Immunologist?

The immune system is a complicated combination of cells, organs, and chemicals that safeguard your body from ruinous viruses, bacteria, etc. Immune system disorders are serious and must be identified by a specialist.

If you are ill and have an allergic reaction, your immune system will not work the way it should. Through proper diagnosis and testing, immunologists can address and treat immune disorders in no time. When you know the cause of your disease, you can prevent bacteria and viruses from harming your body.

If you are unsure whether allergies are the primary cause of your symptoms, ask yourself if these statements are applicable:

  • You need to change your regimen as your present allergy medicine is not working.
  • You get sick at a certain time every year, but there is no sign of developing muscle aches or a fever.
  • A substitute for taking a long-term allergy drug is something you are seeking.
  • You have chronic asthma or severe sinus infections that will not diminish with asthma drugs.
  • You have no idea what allergies are causing reactions and need to get tested.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you should schedule an appointment with an immunologist in Novi, MI.

Things to Expect from the Immunologist

To choose the best type of treatment, an immunologist in Novi should know what is causing the allergic response. The specialist will ask for a detailed explanation of your symptoms and their potential triggers.

The immunologist will perform some tests to address the substance or allergen that may cause your reaction. Every test consists of small amounts of allergens that may cause an immune reaction.

Such testing includes the following:

  • Swabbing or a nasal smear inside the nose.
  • Blood test for addressing and assessing potential allergens in the blood.
  • Skin test that involves using needles to prick your skin and placing allergens on the scratched surface.
  • Lung function test to assess your lung’s function.
  • Patch testing involves placing a patch containing the allergen on the skin.

After getting the test results, the immunologist makes a treatment plan. Taking over-the-counter medicines or just avoiding triggers works with minor allergies. Otherwise, the immunologist may prescribe immunotherapy to deal with stronger symptoms.

What’s more?

If you are suffering from immune system disorders or allergy symptoms but have never visited an immunologist in Novi, Michigan, contact The Allergy Suite today and get the best treatment plan for your health problems. Schedule an appointment with our certified immunologists today!

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