Why You Should See An Allergy Specialist In Novi MI

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 Why You Should See An Allergy Specialist In Novi MI

Allergies are one of the most common medical issues experienced by people worldwide. Allergies have been growing more common for the last 5 decades, with a large portion of the population suffering from at least one allergy. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that over 50 million Americans have an allergic reaction every year and the suitable treatment varies based on the causes and severity of the reaction. Some allergy conditions, if mild and not affecting patient’s lives, don’t require medical attention. Nevertheless, some allergies can hamper your daily activities or negatively impact your quality of life. Moreover, some allergies can also be life-threatening. This is where an allergy specialist steps in. Let’s explore when you should consult an allergy specialist in Novi MI and what they will do for you.

An allergist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and  treating allergic diseases and other immune problems. Visiting an allergist can help you take control of your health when you’re suffering from certain symptoms. 

What Does an Allergist Do?

Diagnosis of your allergy : At times, individuals confuse other conditions – such as an infection – with an allergy. Only a doctor can ascertain if you have an allergy or not. Once it’s determined that you do in fact have an allergy, you can get the appropriate treatment.

Identify your triggers : By running some tests on you, your allergist can identify what you’re allergic to and the things that trigger a reaction. These tests include skin prick test, patch test and blood test, among others. Your doctor can also suggest steps that you can take to avoid those triggers. You can prevent most allergic reactions by avoiding the triggers.

Create a treatment plan : Based on your individual conditions and the allergy, your allergist will devise a treatment plan for you. It can include the kind of medicine you need to administer and when to take them. It can include various treatment options such as allergy shots, oral immunotherapy, emergency epinephrine, to name a few. Additionally, your treatment plan will comprise ways to better manage your allergy and what you need to do when you have a serious allergic reaction.

Control your allergy : While some allergies can be treated with OTC (Over The Counter) medicines, others need prescription drugs. Thus, your doctor can advise you about your medicines and ensure that you have the prescriptions you need. Your allergist can also help you prevent your allergic reactions even before they occur by suggesting ways to avoid them. Moreover, they will help you enhance your quality of life by dealing with your allergies the best way possible.

Benefits of Seeing an Allergist

An allergist provides a proper diagnosis of allergens which can give you the whole picture of your allergy.

You get expert attention for various kinds of allergies and skin reactions.

An allergist offers comprehensive care for any kind of allergy, helping you to treat your allergies in the right way.

To consult an allergy specialist in Novi MI, visit us at The Allergy Suite. With years of experience in allergy treatment, we provide a host of services aimed at fulfilling our patients’ needs. To consult our allergy specialists in Novi MI, contact us here.


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