Are allergy medications safe in pregnancy?

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 Are allergy medications safe in pregnancy?

There are a few things to consider if you are pregnant or thinking about starting a family. One such crucial step is medication to manage allergies. There are several general medicines for allergies that you can take without consulting a doctor.

However, such action is not advised if you are pregnant. It is essential to get an expert opinion on medicines that will give you peace of mind during the journey of pregnancy. This blog will discuss whether it is safe to take allergy medications during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Consume Allergy Drugs During Pregnancy?

Risk and safety are the two pillars you need to find peace with while pregnant. On one hand, antihistamines are considered safe, while on the other hand, allergy shots are not a safe option. 

Preventing Allergies

Sinus during pregnancy is termed pregnancy rhinitis, which makes the journey difficult. Hence, you must cling to the principle that prevention is better than cure. Some of the allergies, like pollen allergy, can’t be controlled. However, the impact of this allergy can be minimized by wearing masks and making your home allergy-proof.

Alternative Treatment

Pregnancy is a subjective condition that varies from person to person. Hence, taking random medicine must be restricted, and medical practitioners must be consulted. Whether you have mild or severe symptoms, here are some of the safest ways to treat allergies.

Saline Spray

Saline water acts miraculously on the congested nose without harming the child. Nasal spray is a good friend to hold on to to get relief from nasal congestion or stuffing. A mild saline nasal spray directly impacts the nasal tissue and offers immediate relief from congestion. The benefit of this drug is that most of the variants do not dissolve in blood, unclogging the nose while unharming the fetus.


Nasal congestion can be cured with the help of yoga or exercise. However, specified exercises should be prescribed by the doctor on the basis of your physical condition.


Being pregnant is a beautiful journey to cherish that will knit the most precious memories to last a lifetime. However, it is inevitable to take extra care of your body to keep the unborn child from harm’s way. Under medical supervision to avoid any complications, understand the benefits and risks associated with allergy medicines.

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