How do you treat allergies permanently?

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 How do you treat allergies permanently?

Allergies are common these days, especially in kids. A few allergy symptoms reduce with age, but most are life-long. Allergies are the 6th main reason behind chronic ailments in the USA. Nearly 50 million Americans encounter different types of allergies every year.

Allergic symptoms may hamper an individual’s regular job and lower his or her quality of life. So, let’s assess how you can treat or manage allergies and whether it is possible to get rid of allergies permanently!

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Allergies Permanently?

Presently, there is no permanent cure for allergies. However, there are some possible treatments for it as well. You can treat and manage your allergy symptoms with medicines, injections, and by following steps to lower your exposure to allergens that cause the reaction.

1. Allergy Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a disease-modifying therapy. It is the most natural way of treatment. It can lower your sensitivity or allergic reaction to allergens. An allergist may suggest this treatment if:

  • you cannot avoid allergens
  • medicines cannot control your allergy symptoms
  • you don’t prefer taking medicines
  • allergy drugs interact with other medicines

2. Living with Allergies

You can follow different steps to make your house and surrounding environment free from allergens. If you continuously cough, sneeze, or rub your eyes, there is a possibility that you suffer from allergic diseases. Several allergy sufferers opt for over-the-counter drugs to control their allergy symptoms. If those medications fail to work, an allergist can devise a plan to reduce those symptoms and help you live the best life.

Here are a few ways to live with allergies:

1. Air Filters

According to studies, air filters can lower airborne allergens and offer some relief.

2. Avoiding Environmental Triggers

Avoiding the allergens that lead to allergic symptoms is the best way to deal with most allergies. Ask your allergist about the specific avoidance measures that apply to your allergic triggers. 

Food Allergies 

1.Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Epinephrine is the main therapy for anaphylaxis. This prescription drug is available in an auto-injector. It can lessen the life-threatening symptoms. After all, they cannot change the airway’s swelling or increase low blood pressure.

Allergists recommend carrying an epinephrine auto-injector with people who have allergies. You can use epinephrine instantly if you encounter symptoms, like:

  • tightness in the throat
  • repetitive coughing
  • having difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • generalized hives
  • weak pulse

2. Avoidance of triggering foods

Since there is no cure for food allergy, you can avoid most food allergens if you or your child is an allergy sufferer.

3. Preventing food allergy

Research has proven that early introduction of foods especially peanuts and tree nuts will help prevent development of food allergies. The best time to introduce these foods is between 4-11 months of age. Talk to your allergist at The Allergy Suite in Novi about the specific recommendations.


If you or someone you know has chronic allergic symptoms and you seek a long-term cure in Novi, Michigan, The Allergy Suite is the right place. Schedule an appointment with an allergist today!

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